Between handheld bidets vs seat bidet, which is a better option for your bathroom?

I think it comes down to your personal preferences on the features, the size of your bathroom and layout; budget constraints, and how easy installation or retrofitting existing toilets could be.

For instance: Hand-held bidets are more portable, requires additional effort to use, but are affordable.

Seat bidet, on the other hand, offers more features, are far more user-friendly, and stress-free. However, they are expensive and require professional installation.

Most people will readily choose the seat bidet over the handheld model because of the premium features that will elevate their toilet experience to a whole new level.

But do you know handheld bidet cleans better?

Enough of the hints!

Let’s delve into the heart of the argument.

Understanding What Handheld Bidets Vs Seat Bidets Are

Even though you must of have guessed it through their names, knowing what they are and what they can (without judging them) gets your foot in the door.

What Is Handheld Bidets?

Handheld Bidet Vs Seat Bidet

Just as the name suggest, is it a bidet that utilizes handheld-triggered nozzle with a flexible hose attached to the toilet for anal and genital cleansing after defecating, urinating, or for freshening up. 

The easy control and maneuverability of this bidet makes it a popular choose for individuals of all ages.

However, it is particularly beneficial for pregnant women, those with mobility issues, and anyone who prefer a thorough cleansing experience.

What Is Toilet Seat Bidet?

Handheld Bidet Vs Seat Bidet

This is a high-end bidet with build-in spray nozzle that jets out controlled stream of water for cleansing.

It also has the most advanced technology that transforms your mundane bathroom visit into a luxurious one, with a control panel, built-in air dryer, remote on the side, dual nozzles, heater seat feature, deodorizer, soft-close lid, and many more.

Handheld vs seat bidet: Key Differences

Still it is hard to choose one over the other, not until you’ve plunged into their benefits and drawbacks.

Handheld Vs Toilet Seat Bidet: Features

While the hand-held bidet does the basic things right, the toilet seat models do them fantastically well with style.

And that is the first thing you will notice about both.

I’m talking about the easy control with the remote or side panels, heated seats, air drying,  deodorizer, soft-close lid features, and more.

The toilet seat bidet is at the top of its game, packed with premium features to enhance your cleansing experience.

Handheld Vs Toilet Seat Bidet: User Friendliness

The handheld bidets doesn’t get all the credits even though they are convenience, portable, and straightforward to use.

That is because they require some sort of effort on the user part.

You MUST hold firm the sprayer and aim it precisely. While the flexible hole offers easy maneuverability, people with arthritis or mobility issues might find it a bit challenging.

Bidet seats are far more easier to use, since with a simply push a button your ass is wiped clean.

However, there are potential messiness and learning curve.

You can also check our article on bidet splashes everywhere.

But if you are overly concerned about your comfort, the bidet ergonomic seats offer just that.

Handheld Vs Seat Bidet: Electricity Consumption

This is where most people turn their back at the toilet seat bidet.

What were you expecting?

Of course luxury doesn’t come cheap. With all the palace-eques treats its gives, it takes a chunk of your utility bills.

Yes, they require electricity for all those fanciful features (heated water, air drying, etc) to work.

And since they do, an outlet MUST be next to your toilet –which could be a problem in some bathrooms.

Meanwhile, handheld bidets is operated manually. It doesn’t need electricity to function. This makes them energy-efficient. Plus, they don’t need additional plumbing or wiring.

Handheld Vs Toilet Seat Bidet: Versatility

You can argue the toilet seat bidet captures the upper hands here, due to its compelling features.

But besides cleaning your butt and gentile what else can it do? 


Meanwhile, the handheld bidet goes beyond that. You can use the spray to clean cloth diaper, bathe your pets, or reach out to those areas your shower can’t.

So for this debate, the handheld bidet is clearly the winner.

Handheld Vs Seat Bidet: Cost

Another credit to the budget-friendly handheld bidet.

It is your bet best for trying out bidet without committing much money. For as little as $60, you could get one installed.

However, for all the features the bidet seat offers, they are pricey. The price starts from $150.

Handheld Vs Seat Bidet: Installation

The handheld bidets also passes this argument with flying colors, considering it is potable and has a straightforward installation.

It require less plumbing work with absolutely no wiring.

Installation is a breeze. Meanwhile, for toilet seat bidet not so much.

You have to call in a professional plumber since they require full mounting, significant plumbing work, and additional attachments.

That also results in extra cost.

Handheld Vs Seat Bidet: Service And Maintenance 

The toilet seat bidet takes an L here.

It is not easy to repair. If any part got broken, chances are you might have to replace the entire unit.

It isn’t fair but that is due to the mechanism of its operation. Cleaning the seater or control panel has to be done cautiously to avoid water damage.

However, they are less likely to leak or damage.

Handheld bidet, on the other hand, if easy to repair once damaged. You just have to get the replacement parts and fix them.

And since they are more of a simpler devices with fewer nooks and crannies, they are much easier to clean.

Handheld Vs Toilet Seat Bidet: Who Cleans Better?

Most people don’t trust the cleaning prowess of the toilet seat bidet, even though it is comfortable.

Older people say “it is computer that cleans your butt not you”.

It is like comparing a hand wash vs machine wash.

More so, your water pressure settings and body align as to be spot on, else you could have a few rogue drops of water or a small shower escapes between your legs and drenches the floor.

But you have more control using a handheld bidet. You can direct the water EXACTLY where you want it, ensuring a thorough and effective cleaning.

Thus, in theory, the handheld bidets cleans better.


If carefully examined, both bidets went head to head. They both have their advantages and disadvantages over each other.

Personally, I would opt for the toilet seat bidets all day every day because it is a luxury I can afford.

Maybe you are looking for more control and something simpler that can clean you well, yet won’t break the bank.

Then, your handheld bidet is your best option.

 Making an informed buyer decision should be based on your needs, nothing else. 

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