About Us

Hi, I’m Remi —Remigius Delano, a French home improvement specialist and horticulturist. 

And I can beat my chest that I’ve NEVER given a contractor a buzz for the past three decades now! 

Whether it is with toilet leakage, unclogging my septic tank, or casual repairs in and around the house, I DO IT MY SELF. I even grow my food in the backyard and harvest bountiful of healthy produces. 

Is that not the dream of every homeowner? 

But seeing how agonizing DIY projects could sometimes be (the amount of elbow grease and knowledge needed), it often scares people away. 

…which is why I decided to create the handyhomemen, as an acts of service to help lift that burden off your shoulders.

Who We Are And What We Do

The handyhomemen is an associate of home improvement enthusiasts and professional gardeners with years of experience in design, construction, and maintenance.

Our goal is to empower battalions of homeowners and amateur handypersons with our contents to become more efficient in their home decorating and renovation projects. 

We provide you with the most effective grounding techniques and self-explanatory guides, not just on how you can do them but do them right. 

Also, we will teach you to work with nature instead of against it. So can you nurture a beautiful, productive, and self-sufficient garden from NOTHING.

We want to help simplify the lives of DIYers and gardeners.

SO even if you’re a beginner who has NEVER loose or tightened a nut or you’ve just started a garden, but it’s not thriving the way you want it to, just take a deep breath of relief! 

We are here to teach you how you can make it right.

Picture it like kindergarten, where the teacher would have to hold your hands, so you move the crayon right. That is how handyhomemen teaches you on every project. 

Still not convinced? 

Here Is What We Can Do For You:

  • We Make A Handyman Out Of You:  You can skip the hassle and cost of getting a contractor, as Handyhomemen helps you convert it to a DIY project.  We provide you with an accurate and complete guide on handling any home project –from kitchen, toilet & bathroom, floor care, HVAC, and more. 
  • We Teach Permaculture Techniques To Grow Your Food From Scratch: Here, we will take you through the entire life phase of your crops, from seed and germination to the vegetative and flowering stages. And finally, the harvest stage —when you can reap what you’ve sowed.
  • We Share Grooming Tip For Both Your Garden & House: We provide detailed and self-explanatory guides on preventing garden pests and diseases, controlling weeds, and maintaining home appliances. 
  • We’re Bring Back Your Home and Garden’s Curb Appeal: We supply you with a vintage aesthetic layout, tropical theme, and trendy garden-inspired crafts and decor from your front yard, parlor, rooms, and kitchen, to your backyard. 
  • We Also Review Tools And Equipment: we handpick, compare, and review a wide variety of home essentials and tools needed in your home and across your garden, from washing machines, heaters, mowers, saws, mulch, storage containers, pruners, pots, and many more.

So growing your garden and taking care of your DIY projects along with  Handyhomemen, you can be that ideal homeowner you’ve always dreamt of becoming.

Just like with learning a new skill, you only need to look over the shoulder of someone who’s already good at it.

And there is no better person than us —who knows the value of function and aesthetics of the home.