Do Bidet Splashes Everywhere? [Debunking The Myth]

Do Bidet Splashes Everywhere?

A popular cultural misconception about bidets is that it splashes water and poop everywhere.

But is it TRUE? If we’re being honest, do bidet splashes everywhere?

Of course not, because that would forfeit the whole purpose of its invention.

Bidet’s primary objective is to clean and rinse your genital and anal area after answering nature’s call without having to do it with your hands.

It does this by jetting a laser-focused stream of water to your bottom and genitals and then going straight down to the bowl afterward.

Excrement won’t splatter, and neither will water.

 And I have all the science and facts to back this claim.

Do Bidet Splashes Everywhere?

You can never relinquish these preconceived notions of bidet splashes everywhere if you don’t understand the proper bidet’s functionality.

I used to be one of those people who were skeptical about using or buying a bidet for fear it could create a HUGE mess.

But after understanding how bidet works, I was confident and made my first installation.

And I was glad I did because I soon realized bidets clean better. We will talk about this in the latter stage of the article.

But this section is to give you the background knowledge of how it operates and the features it offers.

So, let’s break it all down:

If it is a bidet attachment you want, most of them aren’t electricity-powered.

Their spray responds to a straightforward mechanism run by the hydraulic pressure in your home’s pipes.

This bidet offers lesser control even though you use the knob to operate the jet that projects the stream.

In addition, the supply is very similar to your shower or sink.

So, do bidets splash everywhere for this type of model?


On the bright side, most people would rather get a bidet toilet seat than an attachment because it is far more convenient and equipped.

It is packaged with premium features like a heated seat to provide comfort in colder climates, an air dryer that limits the use of toilet paper after flush, deodorization that neutralizes odors and water temperature, nozzle cleaning, user-friendly controls, and many more.

All these features are packed into one bidet to enhance your toilet experience –thus ensuring more hygienic, clean, convenient use, and comfortable while continuing with your business.

Furthermore, this type of bidet is powered by electricity, and there are VERY LITTLE chances of splatter.

You can also check our latest article on Handheld vs Seat Bidet, where we further compare both bidets.

Do Bidets Clean More Than Toilet Paper?

Credits: Natallia Ramanouskaya/Shutterstock

It is SO easy to buy into the narrative that using toilet paper (by hand) to clean your butt would be more effective.

It is more like comparing hand wash vs washing machine.

But it would be shocking to learn how much bidet provides a more thorough and effective cleaning option.

Well, I have all the facts to back it up.

Toilet paper is undeniably the standard clean-up tool after answering nature’s call.

Unfortunately, it is not the healthiest way. It is like smearing your poo around without actually cleaning the area.

Bidets, conversely, rinsing off your butthole gentler and more hygienic.

According to a famous rectal surgeon, Dr. Evan Goldstein, in NYC, the bidet is the best way to care for your backside after pooing.

Goldstein went further to tell Insider during Butt-Con, hosted by Tushy (a popular brand that sells bidet attachments) that “Charmin and all these brands have done a great job making us think that toilet paper is hygienic. It’s not,”

Using toilet paper, the way Goldstein puts it, it’s like stepping on dog poop and wiping it off with paper instead of washing it off your shoes.

Yet, according to Fortune, the average American uses about three rolls every week.

Why Is Bidet Splashing On Toilet Seat?

Bidet splashing on a toilet seat can happen to anyone, although it rarely does.

But it could be due to the gap between the toilet rim and seat that causes water to escape through the opening, or maybe you are not yet acquainted with it.

Here are two possible splashing scenarios:

First is the outside bidet splatter, where a few rogue drops of water or a small shower escapes between the toilet seat and basin or between your legs and drenches the floor.

This could either be due to a faulty bidet design or a lack of aiming practice on the user’s part.

Secondly is the inside bidet splatter, which is much more common than the outside splashes.

Most users can tolerate this because it doesn’t create a mess on the ground. Instead, your whole butt gets a flush. Sometimes, it could be one cheek, but it is often both.

In either case, the bidet isn’t doing justice because you aren’t getting enough water to the right place.

Sometimes, the water hits your thighs and cheeks.

For some reason, water gets all over the place inside the toilet.

Do Bidets Spray Poop Everywhere?

If you think about how bidets work, it is logical to say splattering could happen at some point.

There is a possibility that excess pressure could project stool to the scrotum or urethra.

However, modern bidets limit any potential splashing by using a gentle stream of water of around 0.1 g/min.

Therefore it won’t spray your poop when used correctly.

Generally, the cleansing wash is so precise and discreet at wiping feces off your butt while preventing it from splattering waste over your toilet and body. 

So, the odds of things going wrong are SO slim.

Aside from that, you can tweak the water pressure settings, bidet angle adjustment, and align your body while using a bidet.

You will also find toilet paper useful as an additional drying method, as it helps avoid dropping on the floor or water-sucking your pants.

Do Bidet Splash Everywhere: Conclusion

So what can you now say about bidet and the dispelling of misconceptions?

Does bidet splash everywhere, still? Are you better off using toilet paper or a bidet?

I will let you decide on that.

But I guarantee you, if only you can embrace this hygienic revolution, you will have no regrets.

But you have to choose the right bidets. There are different types, from standalone bidets handheld bidets, to bidet attachments for toilets.

Choose wisely!

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