Today, we will review the best smallest garbage disposal you can possibly find on the market. 

These compact garbage disposals are perfect for restricted cabinet space and are suitable for families who don’t cook as much. 

The best part is: 

They are pocket friendly yet easy to install and highly efficient. 

And we have hand-picked each of these smallest garbage disposal units from different categories to match your requirements –whether in sink size, value, or warranty.  

Here are our top recommendations: 

7 Best Smallest Garbage Disposal Units

To help narrow your choices, we have conducted mountains of research, only to compile a list of the best units for your kitchen sink. 

Some are low-profile garbage disposal. But we did our utmost to examine the features and even drawbacks of each product to create an invaluable guide to help you make an informed buying decision.

So pull up your chair, and let’s get started!

1. InSinkErator Badger 5 Smallest Garbage Disposal

The InSinkErator Badger 5 Garbage Disposal is the best option for households with shallow sinks. Its easy installation process fits existing InSinkErator hardware for quick and easy installation.

Its exclusive 1/2 horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor and durable galvanized steel components provide a dependable grind for everyday food scraps.

From meal prep to cleanup, the InSinkErator Badger 5 helps make kitchen cleaning faster, cleaner, and smarter.


  • Comes with a toolkit for installation
  • It is compact yet wide enough
  • Durable components
  • User friendly 


  • It can be noisy
  • It is more prone to rusting

2. InSinkErator Evolution Compact Garbage Disposer For Deep Sink

The InSinkErator Evolution is a premium unit that fits seamlessly in more expansive sinks.

This compact garbage disposer for deep sink fits easily under the sink and delivers powerful performance.

Its 3/4 horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor with sound seal technology ensures low noise levels, while the 2-Stage multi-grind technology easily handles brutal food scraps.

Additionally, this food waste disposal saves time during meal prep and cleanup and promotes eco-friendliness by reducing waste sent to landfills.

This product has no power cord; you must order it separately.


  • It is not noisy like most unit 
  • It’s energy-efficient
  • It can contain lots of waste
  • Four years warranty


  • No power cord
  • Is it pricey 

3. Moen GXS75C Host Series Garbage Disposal

The Moen GXS75C Host Series Garbage Disposal is a robust and reliable unit with an impressive 10-year warranty.

This disposal boasts a 2,700 RPM, 3/4 horsepower Vortex motor that provides fast and efficient grinding of food scraps while also helping to reduce jamming.

Its SoundSHIELD sound-deadening insulation ensures noise reduction, making it a quiet and convenient addition to any kitchen.

Additionally, the compact design is lightweight, fits most existing assemblies, including those of other brands, and includes a pre-installed power cord for easy installation.

Finally, this disposal also lessens waste sent to landfills, making it an environmentally responsible choice for your house.


  • Compact design that is easy to install
  • Cleaning is like a breeze 
  • It operates quieter 
  • Has the most extended warranty (10 years)


  • Doesn’t come with a power cord
  • It is expensive 

4. Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal For Deep Sink

The Waste King L-3200 Garbage Disposal is powerful and efficient for large sinks and heavy-duty use.

It features a high-speed 3/4 horsepower, 2700 RPM (115 volts) permanent magnet motor that is sound-insulated, ensuring less jamming and noise.

Furthermore, its EZ Mount system enables quick and easy installation, while the removable splash guard makes cleaning effortless.

With its all stainless steel grind components, this garbage disposal is built to last.

The pre-installed power cord means no electrical expertise is needed to install this appliance, making it a perfect choice for any homeowner.


  • Comes with a power cord
  • It is versatile to fit most sink configurations
  • It is rust-resistant 
  • Cleaning is straightforward
  • Eight years warranty


  • Installation requires a learning curve 
  • Not suitable for grinding raw meat or fish
  • Maybe noisier 

5. InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist Garbage Disposal

The InSinkErator Evolution Septic Assist Garbage Disposal is designed to be compatible with septic systems, making it the ideal choice for homeowners with septic tanks.

Furthermore, its unique Bio-Charge feature automatically injects microorganisms that help to break down food waste, providing extra confidence to homeowners.

This garbage disposal features advanced SoundSeal Technology, a powerful 3/4 horsepower Dura-Drive Induction Motor, and 2-Stage Multigrind Technology that can handle even the most rigid food scraps while operating quietly.


  • It simplifies the disposal process
  • Grinds down waste quickly and efficiently
  • Operates quietly
  • Eight years warranty


  • Doesn’t come with a power cord
  • Must be hardwired

6. Waste King L-1001 Low Profile Garbage Disposal

The Waste King L-1001 Garbage Disposal is designed with a compact size of 5.3 inches, making it suitable for small sinks. It is perfect for small households.

It features a powerful 1/2 HP, 2600 RPM permanent magnet motor that jams less, making it ideal for daily use.

The unit also comes with a pre-installed power cord, eliminating the need for electrical expertise during installation.

The disposal is made of corrosion-resistant materials, including stainless steel and plastic sink flange, ensuring durability and longevity.


  • Can resist corrosion exceptionally well
  •  Can contain enough waste
  • Has a front-mounted reset button
  • It is Lightweight 


  • Has a low horsepower
  • It can be noisy

7. Waste Maid-WM-658-3B Smallest Garbage Disposal

The last on the top most minor garbage disposal unit list is the Waste Maid-WM-658-3B. And it is a reliable and long-lasting option built to withstand heavy use.

Its 1-1/4 horsepower motor also delivers a whooping 2800 RPM of grinding power that can easily handle tough food scraps.

Furthermore, the anti-jam Torque Master grinding system ensures maximum torque for cutting through waste. The unit’s balanced impellers also reduce vibration and noise, making it a quieter and longer-lasting option for your kitchen.

In addition, this fantastic garbage disposal features anti-odour technology that helps prevent unpleasant smells from emanating from the sink.

Finally, with continuous feed operation, you can add food waste while it’s running, and it comes with a 3-foot power cord for a simple plug-in.


  • Installation is pretty easy
  • It doesn’t smell 
  • Has a ten years warranty
  • It is compact, yet it contains a lot


  • It can be slow to drain
  • Not the best pick for smaller kitchens

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Garbage Disposer

When considering purchasing a garbage disposer, there are several factors you should take into account.

Some of these factors include:

1. Dimensions

The size of the garbage disposer is a crucial consideration, as it needs to fit comfortably under your sink.

You’ll need to measure the space under your sink and compare it to the dimensions of the unit you’re considering.

2. Horsepower

The horsepower of a garbage disposer is a measure of its power and performance. Generally, the higher the horsepower, the more influential the unit will be in grinding brutal food scraps.

3. Grinding Technology

Different garbage disposers use different grinding technologies.

Some use stainless steel blades, while others use multi-stage grinding systems to break down food waste effectively.

4. Material

Another crucial aspect to take into account is the substance the garbage disposal is made of.

Although galvanized steel and plastic are also options, stainless steel is a popular substance due to its strength and resistance to corrosion.

5. Noise Reduction

Some models come with advanced sound insulation technology to help reduce noise levels, making them more pleasant to use.

6. Batch Feed vs. Continuous Feed

Garbage disposers can be either batch feed or continuous feed.

Continuous feed models allow you to add food waste while the unit is running, while batch feed models require you to fill the chamber before turning it on.

7. Installation

Consider how easy or difficult it is to install the garbage disposer.

Some models can be installed independently, while others require expert installation.

8. Brand Reputation

Choose a brand with a good reputation for producing quality garbage disposers. This can help ensure that you are buying a durable and long-lasting unit.

9. Price

Garbage disposers do come at different costs. Choose a model that offers excellent value while considering your budget.

10. Durability

Look for a model built to last, with high-quality materials and a strong motor. A model with a more extended warranty is also a good indicator of durability.

11. Maintenance

Consider how easy it is to clean and maintain the garbage disposer.

Some models may require more maintenance, so read the manufacturer’s instructions before purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Proper Method For Cleaning My Garbage Disposer?

To clean your garbage disposer, start by turning off the power supply to the unit. Next, use a brush or scrubber to clean the inside of the disposal and remove any food particles or debris.

You can also use baking soda and vinegar to deodorize and clean the unit. Finally, run cold water through the disposal to flush out any remaining debris.

Is It Necessary To Hire A Professional To Install My Garbage Disposer?

While installing a garbage disposer yourself is possible, hiring a professional for installation is recommended.

A professional can ensure the unit is installed correctly, avoiding leaks or electrical issues.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Garbage Disposer?

The lifespan of a garbage disposer can vary depending on usage and maintenance.

On average, a good quality garbage disposer can last between 8 to 15 years.

Can A Faulty Waste Disposal Be Fixed, Or Do I Need To Replace It?

Often, a damaged garbage disposal can be repaired rather than replaced.

To ascertain the degree of the damage and whether it is worthwhile to repair the unit, it is imperative to have an expert inspect it.

Replacing the device rather than repairing it might be more economical.

Can A Garbage Disposer Handle Bones And Other Tough Food Waste?

Most modern garbage disposers can handle small chicken and fish bones without issues.

Large bones, like those from beef or pig, shouldn’t be thrown away, though, because they can harm the disposal unit’s blades.

Some garbage disposers have more robust motors and blades to manage challenging food waste more effectively.

Additionally, it’s crucial to refrain from throwing away non-food things like plastic or metal because they could harm the garbage disposal.


These smallest garbage disposals are a great addition to any kitchen because it fits into any space.

And when choosing a garbage disposer, ensure you have our buyer’s guide handy. It will help you select the model that best suits your needs.

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