It is a tough call to tell which is better, Samsung or Whirlpool washing machine. That is because both companies are at the top of their game.

For most of us, it is either Samsung or NOTHING!

Well, I won’t be so quick to write Whirlpool off —just yet.

Whirlpool also comes with perks of features and technologies for an exciting laundry experience. Plus, they are reliable and often more affordable.

But when compared, Samsung washers is more suited for families with larger laundry loads. Meanwhile, Whirlpool washes better and is more water efficient.

You can get the full comparison below, where we discussed Whirlpool vs Samsung washer: : which brand reigns supreme in term of their durability, price, technological features, structures, warranty, and of course customer reviews.

Which Is Better Samsung Or Whirlpool Washing Machine?

Whirlpool Vs Samsung Washer: Features And Technologies

 I think both washers go toe-to-toe in terms of what they offer, but with whirlpool slightly edging over Samsung.

Whirlpool washers has a 6th Sense (a sensor) that senses unbalance load, dry water tap, voltage fluctuations, water pressure, and detergent dosage which helps promote better washing experience.

It also has other crazy functionality like Auto Tub Clean that automatically cleans the drum when needed and Hard Water Wash that senses water type and adapts for a perfect wash.

The ZPF Technology (known as zero pressure fill technology) delivers water into the tub quicker than mother washer at the low water pressure of 0.17mpa.

While Samsung lacks some of these features, she substitute them for other functionalities. 

For instance, the Digital Inverter Motor makes their washing machine consumes less electricity and offers quieter operation.

The smart check is a replica of the 6th sense, dictating errors that might flare up and give wash suggestions through your smartphone.

Aside from that, the wobble technology helps prevent your cloths from being tangled and move them up-down by generating vertical water streams. 

Meanwhile, the Monsoon Cycle ensures the clothes are rinse and spin thoroughly but at a much faster pace.

Whirlpool Vs Samsung Washer: Performance And Efficiency

The question is which brand cleans clothes better?

Wooh! I’ll be careful with what I say before Samsung lover suffocate me in the comment section.

 It is fair to say both washers will get the job done.

However, Whirlpool washing machine tend to have higher spin cycles up to 1,400 RPM, compared to Samsung’s 800 RPM.

It is not a terrible score for 800 RPM washer –just that the higher the numbers the easier it remove excessive water and reduce drying time.

 Additionally, whirlpool equip most of their washers with a load & GO XL dispenser that can take up to 40 loads.

Samsung, on the other hand, lacks this feature.

But what is worth mentioning about Samsung washers?

Well, that they are ideal for large clothes load due to their enormous Cubic capacity.

Most models comes with a larger 6.0 cubic feet capacity. Whereas, whirlpool restricts to 4.5 cubic feet.

 And lastly, Samsung washers are mostly top-loader while whirlpool are front-loaders.

The good news about front-loads are they are generally more water-efficient and use less detergent.

Thus, performance and efficiency-wise HUGE credits to Whirlpool.

Whirlpool Vs Samsung Washer: Durability And Reliability

Next is which brand stands the test of time?

This one is a no brainer!

In terms of build quality and reliability, Samsung is clearly ahead of Whirlpool.

I’m not saying Whirlpool builds crap, but they pretty much mix their products. Some washers are made with thin stainless steel material. Whereas others are premiumly built.

As for Samsung, they don’t compromise their quality. It is what they have been known for.

However, both brands are creative with their designs.

But because the reputation of Samsung’s best-in-class quality precedes them, their products tend to retain its resale value. 

Whirlpool Vs Samsung Washer: User Experience And Customer Satisfaction

I will give this one to Samsung, considering they have a cult-like following and a strong fan base.

No hate on Whirlpool for scrapping quite a number of satisfactory customers.

 But the market ALWAYS sing glory to Samsung, emphasizing on their impeccable execution, performance, and sustainability. 

Even at that, many people still swear by Whirlpool. That is what being a die-hard fan means.

Whirlpool Vs Samsung Washer: Pricing And Value For Money

Whirlpool offers the best bang for your buck.

Their washers are quite affordable compared to Samsung’s.

That rather begs the question, is there any Samsung products that are pocket-friendly like its counterparts?

I doubt if there is any. Even their replacement doesn’t come cheap whether it is washer, smartphones, or TV.

You could justify that by pointing to their authenticity. But cheap products doesn’t necessarily compromise on the integrity of the goods.

 Whirlpool smashes Samsung on this one, offering quality with an alluring price tag.

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Frequently Asked Question

Are Samsung Washing Machines The Best?

You just put me on the spot.

It is hard to tell if Samsung washing machines are the best.

But according to J.D. Power’s laundry appliance satisfaction study made in 2021, Samsung top-load washers rank the highest (878) in customer satisfaction, follow by (863) LG.

However, LG is the most reliable and most innovative appliance brand.

Yale Appliances went a step further to prove LG being the most reliable front load washers for 2023, next to GE Appliances, and Grand Total.

 ence, it is safer to say Samsung produces one of the best washing machines.

Is It Better To Wash With Hand Than It Is With Washer?

This is a topic of its own so I won’t get into much details.

But what stood out right away is that hand washing is a more eco-friendly approach for cleaning your clothes than washers are.

First you use lesser laundry detergent, it doesn’t agitate the cloth’s fabric or fibres. However, it require a lot of elbow grease.

Washing machine, on the other hand, take less time and effort to get all your laundries done.

Unfortunately, it is easy for your clothes (especially those with delicate materials) to get damaged or stretched out.

Which Washing Machine Is Best For A Family Of Four?

Top loaders would be the best bet, considering their cubic feet can house large loads of clothes.

They also have faster cycle times (the run cycles usually take about 15-30 minutes), plus they are more energy efficient when you use cold water.

Which Type Of Washing Machine Is Best?

There are different types of washing machine from front-loading, top-loading, agitator top-loaders, impeller top-loaders, laundry centers, washer dryer combo units, and portable washers, to commercial washers.

However, homeowners are most likely to choose between these two: front or top loaders.

But overall, front loaders are a better washer for cleaning your clothes, since they do it more efficiently and with less wear or tear.

On top of that, front-load washers use less water. Meanwhile, top-load washer can house in and wash more laundries.

Verdict On Which Is Better Samsung Or Whirlpool Washing Machine

With what we’ve discussed so far, I’m pretty confident you now know which is better, Samsung or whirlpool washing machine –based on your needs.

 Both brands promise a lot.

Samsung and Whirlpool washing machines have many unique features that cater to different needs.

 For instance, the affordable price of a whirlpool washer might lure you to purchase. But considering your family has large laundry loads, you should find a compromise.

Samsung washers offer more cubic feet, which is ideal for family laundering.

But you CAN NOT underestimate the water efficiency and convenience of the Whirlpool washers.

So at the end of the day, your needs fuel your purchasing power —not your preferences.

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