‘Should you replace fence before selling house?‘ is a question you rarely hear in home resales. 

Selling an old property is not an easy feat. If you’re a homeowner, I’m sure you can relate.

Many questions must be answered before putting your house up for sale. But the question that never pricks up is a matter relating to our fence. 

But whether your fence should have a fair share of your renovation budget depends on the condition of the fence.

If it is in tip-top shape, there is no call for that. However, if it has significant damage or decay or isn’t structurally sound, potential buyers may consider it a costly repair or negotiate a lower price.

So YES, you should consider replacement ASAP. 

The key is only to improve where it pays for itself. And below, we are going to talk more about that. 

Should I Replace Fence Before Selling House?

In your mind’s eyes, picture a scenario where:

…Perhaps, you’ve invested time and effort into renovating the interior of your house —creating an appealing living space with fresh paint and a welcoming ambiance.

Everything looks good on the inside.

However, as you step outside, you see a dilapidated fence on the brink of collapse. 

And this is not good for business since it can scare off potential buyers or decrease the value of your property.

Here is the catch: 

When preparing to sell your home, addressing any necessary repairs, ranging from minor to severe issues, is essential.

While some repairs may include simple tasks like painting or replacing light bulbs, others could involve significant renovations, such as altering the kitchen structure or replacing the flooring. 

Among these repairs, it is essential not to overlook the condition of your fence.

Neglecting a worn-out fence WILL potentially impact the marketability of your house. So it’s crucial to replace it at once.

You also have to put the norms and standards of your neighborhood into perspective. 

If neighboring houses have well-maintained or newer fences, your worn-out or outdated fence will stand out negatively. 

Bottom Line: replacing the fence could help your property compete better with other listings in the area.

Factors To Consider Replacing Fence Before Selling House

As I said, the overall condition of the fence will determine if you need a replacement. 

But more importantly, meeting the buyer’s expectations is another side of the equation. 

Buyers with kids and pets would prioritize having a secure and aesthetically pleasing fence with a bit of privacy. 

Understanding the market demand and renovating accordingly puts you in a position of power in sales. 

The material of the fence also talks.

Materials like aluminum and vinyl fences require little or no maintenance. However, wooden fences require constant maintenance after the first few years.

Also, you must specify the fence’s intended usage when you want to replace it. The best kind of fence will depend on the reason for installing one. If security is the top priority, choose a tall, robust design that prevents scaling.

On the other hand, a rail or picket fence can offer decorative beauty while performing its purpose if you want to improve your landscape or mark property borders.

How is the climatic condition in your area? Is it something that can encourage your choice of fencing? 

The climate condition of a place is another crucial factor you must also consider.

NOTE: different climatic conditions require different building materials.

 If you live where it rains frequently, you need to consider using another material because wood is prone to moisture damage.

Ultimately, a fencing contractor might suggest the best choice for your region and environment.

There is no shame in seeking a little bit of help.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Lifespan Of A Fence?

Knowing how long they usually last is helpful before selecting a type of fence for your residence or place of business.

Wooden fences can endure anywhere between 4 and 40 years, depending on the quality of the wood. Metal chain link fences are simple and affordable to maintain, and they often last 25 to 30 years or more.

However, on average, vinyl fences tend to last 35 to 40 years but require more work and maintenance. To get the best life expectancy, each type of fence needs varying amounts of upkeep.

What Makes The Best Fence?

Finding the ideal fence typically involves more than choosing a picture from the catalog.

The most widely used backyard fencing choices shine differently and suit particular lifestyles or needs.

However, the best fence material is a tie between aluminum and vinyl. These fencing materials resist entirely rot mold, and environmental degradation.

 So you can count on them to survive for more than 50 years while maintaining their attractive appearance.


So that is all on whether should you replace fence before selling house or not.

As much as we can sit here and deny it, we often underestimate the importance of fencing. 

Aside from home security and privacy, it also boosts the home’s curb appeal. 

The exterior sets the tone for what to expect in the interior. 

And if your fence is outdated, unattractive, or doesn’t match the style of the house or neighborhood, you could be spending the wrong message. 

So you must replace your fence before putting it up for sale.

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