Have you ever sat and pondered ‘how to prevent roaches from invading your household?‘  What is SO annoying is they can survive a couple of your angry smashes. They seem almost inevitable and could survive even the apocalypse, but not if you use these preventive methods I’m about sharing with you. And I get it! These little nuisances have a nasty habit of sneaking and nesting in your home, contaminating your foods, and spreading bacteria non-stop.  And this is why these techniques will work. Because what it does is to convert your home to a living hell for them, so they pack bag and baggage.

Why And How Cockroaches Enter Your Home?

You also need to understand why you see cockroaches around. 

First, you have to know their heart desires and how they operate. YES, their heart desires.

All roaches are nocturnal pests. This means they are active during the night, like moths and mosquitoes. 

Their primary goal is to scavenge for food, water, and shelter in warm, humid climates, and your home suits that profile. 

That is why you are more likely to see them on dirty dishes, food spills, crumbs, leftovers, pet food, and garbage. 

They are also professionals at scuttling into or over tiny spaces such as crevices, cracks, holes in pipes, and whatnot. 

But what are the proper ways how to prevent roaches? 

How To Prevent Roaches [4 No-Brainer Tips]

You can do many things to get rid of roaches—from cleaning up and setting out bait to using chemicals.

These four will not only send them into exile but also prevent another invasion. 

1. Clean Up And Cut Off Their Food Supply

How the hell on earth did it got here! 

You barely see roaches in an environment that is spick and span. That is because they are attached to food and shelter; that is filth. 

Therefore, cleaning your home will keep roaches at bay. And you have to be thorough in this effort if you want to see fewer and less number of bugs. 

So this is what you have to do: 

  • Clean up spills and crumbs Immediately
  • Clean under all appliances or any hiding spot
  • Clean underneath the sink
  • Throw trash away promptly. And NEVER fail to use liners and tight-fitting lids.
  • Wash dishes immediately after use
  • Sweep, vacuum, and mop often
  • Wipe Up or cover pet food dishes
  • Empty and clean cabinets
  • Clean the interior and exterior of garbage cans
  • Keeping food in sealed containers

2. Eliminate Their Habitants

If you can take away their comfort, you limit their chances of survival. 

Get rid of clutters and seal up hiding spaces or entry points like cracks, gaps between tiles, crevices, and other openings using caulk. 

Also, pay attention to door and window frames that might have gaps; they could also be the perfect penetration point. 

I’d go as far as getting rid of standing water, leaky piper, and plumbing. 

3. Apply Boric Acid

 Applying some boric acid on those targeted areas —where cockroaches tend to hide or live — is another guaranteed way to keep your home from overrun.

You can use boric acid powder in bait stations or sprinkle it around cabinets and walls where cockroaches tend to reside.

However, its boric acid killing power tends to fade over time, and it’s not friendly with other liquids, as it will weaken them.

4. Set Roaches Traps And Baits

Use traps and bait if you want to get rid of roaches without using chemicals.

This method is often preferable of all, especially in the kitchen.

Roach traps are designed to attract the roaches and make them fall into the trap. The best way to use these traps is by placing them around where you see more roaches than usual.

Below we will throw more light on the bait and traps to use. 

But this is the takeaway: 

The baits are chemical bases. So then the roaches take the bait, eat it; they crawl back to their next and die from the poison. 

This trick is powerful because it creates a domino effect, as the live roaches will be compelled to eat the dead one —the poison keeps spreading. 

How Can You Prevent Cockroaches Using Liquid Concentrates? 

When it comes to preventing cockroaches, you can do a few things. 

One of the most popular ways is with liquid concentrates. However, some people might be wondering how does a liquid concentrate work?

Liquid concentrates are food-grade products that have been infused with insecticide. 

You get the same effects as if you had sprayed your home or business with insecticide. Still, instead of using sprays containing toxic chemicals, you use natural ingredients.

The most popular liquid concentrates contain pyrethrin and bifenthrin, which kill insects by paralyzing them and causing them to die from dehydration. 

So ensure you spray them into likely hiding spots, crevices, and cracks.

How To Prevent Roaches And Other Bugs Eating Clothes?

Bugs are attracted to the smell of your clothes.

And when clothes begin to show signs of damage from bugs, preventive measures are already too late. 

Thus, prevention is better than cure. 

But first, you have to know what bugs eat clothes. The most popular bugs that will devour and put holes in your clothes are: 

  • Silverfish
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Moths
  • Carpet Beetles
  • Crickets

To prevent the spread of fabric-eating insects, it is important to get rid of their hiding places.

If you vacuum carpets, rugs, or upholstered furniture thoroughly, you will help remove any larvae living there.

Keep your clothing storage area as clean as possible. And vacuum regularly and keep shelves, walls, and clothing clean to avoid attracting bugs.

You can also use camphor as a natural insecticide.

How To Prevent Roaches From Getting On Your Bed?

The last place you want roaches to crawl to is on your bed.

It’s very uncomfortable and annoying having them on your skin while having a night’s rest.

Well, there are a few things you can you:

1. Use Boric acid

I’d recommend this solution for severe cases since it’s the most effective product for killing bugs. Very affordable and easy to find at your local supermarket or online retailers. 

However, they are poisonous.  So it keeps away from the reach of pets and children since it can cause harm if ingested. 

Also, if you need to sweep or vacuum up the boric acid after a day or two. Note: they aren’t effective when sprinkled in excess or wet by other substances. 

2. Keep Your Room Spick And Span

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again! 

These killing approaches won’t solve the problem, though they will diminish the roach population. 

But if you want a long-lasting solution, you must always keep your home clean. 

Remember, roaches are filthy little insects that love dirt. 

So if you can sweep, vacuum, mop, dust, and whip surface areas with a multipurpose cleaner, you are halfway to winning the war. 

Do your dishes right and take out the trash. And properly seal any leaks and cracks in the room.

Thirdly, wrap around the bottom of your bedpost with silicone tape. 

This is non-tacky rubber silicone that prevents roaches from climbing. 

And DON’T let any bedding drag on the ground; the chance of them climbing will be slim. 

How To Prevent Roaches In Kitchen?

Roaches can be a real problem for homeowners and renters, especially when it comes to kitchens.

Roaches are disgusting, small, and scurrying. But given enough time, they can cause serious damage to your food and your home.

And you want to avoid smashing them in your kitchen. It’s only natural to want to do everything you can to keep them away.

Luckily for you, there are some hopeful tips to keep them at bay that you can exercise.

1. Cry Out To Professional Pest Control

Letting a professionals handle the matter is the best overall solution I have seen. And I highly, highly highly recommend it. 

If you feel your home is under attack by roaches or bugs, you can quickly start a war with them by calling out a professional service.

Numerous companies render this service. But I can ONLY vouch for three from personal experience and testimonies from hundreds of thousands of happy homeowners and gardeners.

We have Orkin, Terminix, and Hawx —although Hawx focuses on mosquitoes more. 

2. Using Baits And Traps

Another solution is to lure the bugs and kill them with a trap. 

And it’s pretty easy and quite an affordable solution —although this method is only effective for smaller roach problems on your counter.

 It is also best to ‘ prevent roaches in cabinets’ by using products like the Combat Max line of roach-killing bait stations or Advion Cockroach Gel Bait.

These are all easy-to-use, no-mess baits that don’t require activation. Simply place them in the targeted area, under the sinks, behind or under appliances, and with toilet seaters. And it will kill roaches non-stop.  

However, the Cockroach Gel Bait is a pesticide in a syringe-like tube. It is best utilized in crevasses, cracks, and other hard-to-reach places that are homes for roaches. 

Mind you, non of these products are suitable for garden use. 

3. Other DIY Solutions

Since professional service uses strong chemicals, you might not like that. 

You might prefer whipping up your natural cockroach killer. And we’ve got a few for you. 

  • Baking soda and sugar mixture: The sugar will lure them in, while the baking soda kills them.
  • Boric acid: This poisonous powder to insects works better than you’ve imagined.
  • Peppermint oil: Yeah! And you only need ten drops in one cup of water before spraying.


So that’s it, then and there! 

These are all the strategies for preventing roaches, whether in your bedroom, kitchen cabinet, or sink —and generally your household. 

However, most homeowners —especially those with little or no time — refer to investing or hiring a pest control company to handle these infestations quickly and effectively

While this is the surefire way to eliminate them, you will have to break the bank. 

But if you want a pocket-friendly method that can still do the job, then the above strategies are for you.

Moreover, all the methods will get rid of them and prevent them from raiding your home again —just some are more effective and long-lasting than others. 

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